• HRM Week

    Join the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management in celebrating HRM Week Presented by The Risk Authority Stanford, June 19-23, 2017. This week is time to show your appreciation for the work that risk management and patient safety professionals do to ensure that patients receive safe and trusted health care.

  • Creating a Sepsis Management Plan

    Sepsis wreaks havoc on the lives of patients, families, and healthcare systems. It remains perplexing in its complexity, thereby soaring above other disease processes’ morbidity and mortality rates. Such complexity has created barriers towards favorable outcomes. Much like healthcare risk management, sepsis is everyone’s responsibility within a healthcare organization.

  • Can We Talk? Communication Gaps Cause Patient Harm

    Using real case studies, and an audience response system for interactive discussion, this presentation sheds light on the who, what, when, and where of miscommunication (human and electronic) and shares tangible solutions being implemented in organizations actively tackling this complex problem.

  • Webinar: Re-Designing Risk Mitigation

    Drawing actionable and predictive insights from risk and safety data is the holy grail of clinical risk management. The trouble is, these data sources provide an incomplete picture of the factors that foment litigation. The result is that too many risk mitigation initiatives fail because they mischaracterize the problem or garner too little frontline support.

  • New ASHRM Podcasts Streaming Now in ASHRM University

    Get insights and best practices directly from leaders in health care risk management with the just-launched ASHRM Podcast. This weekly program features bite-sized explorations of the issues that matter most ASHRM members. Each episode is available to stream for free on ASHRM University, your online learning destination.

  • What Risk Managers Need to Know about Plaintiffs' Reptile Strategy

    Hospital personnel, managing officers, staff physicians and administrative personnel are frequently subpoenaed to give deposition testimony, both in cases where the institution is a party and in those where it is not yet involved. By this point in time, most healthcare risk managers have likely heard of the "Reptile" approach to depositions and litigation being employed by plaintiff attorneys nationwide.

  • ASHRM Academy 2017 - Sign Up for More Information

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  • Transgender Health Issues in Risk Management

    The issues and challenges facing transgender health care and the associate risks are multiplying in the US. As the number of laws and regulations increase that support the transgender community, there are social backlashes that both ignite and inflame both sides of the issue.

  • Practical Strategies for Informed Refusal for Tests or Treatment

    Insights into effective communication and documentation approaches for managing informed refusal to tests or treatment.

  • 3-D Printing, Droids and Drones in Healthcare & the Essentials on Conducting an ERM Risk Assessment

    This webinar will discuss some trends with 3-D printing, droids and drones and project future use in the healthcare industry. Then the presentation will focus on the ERM framework and how to conduct a risk assessment for this type of technology.

  • Enhancing Patient Safety Through Quality Medication Management

    In 2000, the IOM estimated that between 44,000-98,000 Americans die each year as a result of medication errors. They also noted that 1:50 admissions experienced a preventable adverse drug event. More recently, a study at Mass General Hospital cited drug-related errors in 50% of their surgical procedures. Dr. Vitcov will discuss medication management issues providers face in the ambulatory setting today as well as how to mitigate the risks of errors and to improve patient safety.

  • ROI for Patient Safety: Demonstrating the Value of Risk Management

    In today’s changing healthcare environment there is an overwhelming need to demonstrate the value reation that enterprise risk management can bring to healthcare. For risk managers, it is no longer just about reacting to identified adverse clinical events but rather focusing on those competencies needed to play a significant role in proactively decreasing risk and being part of the healthcare decision making process. Patient safety can and should be a significant focus of these efforts not only for the benefit of the patients and their families but also for the financial difference it can make to the organization. Being prepared to demonstrate through appropriate metrics and analysis how patient safety initiatives can create value and provide a significant return on investment for the organization can enhance the importance and role of today’s risk manager. This program is designed to provide the risk manager with concepts and ideas on how they can promote patient safety with the appropriate metrics and analysis to demonstrate its value to healthcare and show that patient safety does make “cents.”

  • Characterizing the ideal highly reliable work setting

    Join us for this can't-miss webinar! Healthcare is undergoing a profound transformation to value based care, which requires visible, standardized processes of care that insure safe care and reduce risk. Risk managers have a valuable and unique perspective and skill set to help inform this process.

  • HRM Week Webinar: Managing Cyber Risks – Making a World of Difference in the Digital Healthcare Age

    In this webinar, two experts will present their insights, including scope of cyber coverage, how cyber coverage interrelates with your current insurance program, and strategies and techniques to mitigate the risk and create value for your organization. By proactively addressing cyber threats, risk managers can help make a difference in the digital healthcare age.

  • ROI for Patient Safety: Demonstrating the Value of Risk Management

    This webinar will focus on the value risk managers can provide to their organization through patient safety initiatives that provide a return on investment.